African Farmers Association of South Africa (AFASA)

The African farmers’ association of South Africa Organisation AFASA aims to commercialise the developing agricultural sector and ensure meaningful participation of black individuals within the mainstream commercial agribusiness sector, hence ensuring the long-term sustainability of the agricultural sector in South Africa.



Study Groups

groups of at least 10 farmers farming with the same commodity at ward local municipality or district municipality level, depending on the number of farmers of that commodity in the given area.

Commodity organizations

made up of study groups at local municipality or district level.

Local farmers associations

Made up of all Commodity Organisations within the local/districts municipality.

AFASA – Province

The farmers’ association is made up of all farmers associations at district municipality level.

Commodity Chamber

Is a structure within the farmers’ association that deals specifically with commodity related matters and brings together all the commodity organisations. It is structured from local municipality up to national level.


Co-operative business entities, which all members of the commodity organisations belong to. They will be the business arm of the association which deals with procurement of inputs and organises markets for the farmers.